11 Cutest Plane Passengers Ever Seen on a Flight

These cute animals were all photographed on passenger plane flights.

Everyone looks forward to going on vacation and getting to experience a new place. But not very many people look forward to the actual plane flight they have to take to get there.

Between the turbulence, tight leg room, and long periods of sitting, plane flights aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. However, passengers become much happier when these cute creatures happen to be taking the same flight.

1. Peek-a-Boo Dog

This lucky dog gets to sit in the actual passenger cabin rather than the luggage base. And it seems like he’s happy to be able to peek out and look at all of the other passengers. Although, I wonder how his owner feels about losing the extra leg room.

2. One Sleepy Dog

Forget leg room, this dog is all about getting comfortable on the actual passenger. At least the flight will pass by quickly for this sleepy duo!

3. “How much longer?”

Unlike the last passenger, this service dog seems to be getting a little impatient with the length of the flight. We’ve definitely all been there before. At least his cute, squished face is keeping his owner entertained.

4. A Very Popular Passenger

This user writes, “This little guy was the most popular passenger on the plane today. (the puppy, not me).” There’s definitely no argument there. How could this cute, little face not be the most popular passenger on the flight?

5. One Nosey Dog

Whether they’re loud, fidgety, nosey, or take up too much room, most of us have been in the uncomfortable situation of having annoying people sitting around us on a plane. I think it’s safe to say that the passenger sitting behind this cute pooch had no problem with his nosey front-row neighbor.

6. Captain’s Approval

This lucky pup got the plane captain’s seal of approval. The captain took a quick photo with the dog and then shared on Twitter, “Well I had the cutest passenger on my flight today.” He even added a hashtag calling the dog a first class pup!

7. Sharp-Dressed Pup

This dog also got to meet the captain of his flight and he looks very excited to do so. He’s also likely one of the most sharp-dressed dogs to ever board a plane. First impressions do matter, after all.

8. A Very Well-Behaved Passenger

If anyone is ever concerned about animal passengers getting a little rowdy on a flight, look no further than this dog. Despite being a dog, he’s probably one of the most well-behaved passengers on the whole flight.

9. Someone’s Excited

You can just tell from this person’s Twitter post that they’re incredibly excited to be sharing their flight with this adorable, little dog. The cute, little guy even gets to sit by the window. It’s just too bad he’s too small to see the amazing views outside.

10. The Beginning of a Flight vs. The End of a Flight

This person snapped a few photos of this furry passenger to show the dog’s various moods throughout the flight. The first shows his hesitant excitement to be on the flight while the second shows how exhausted he is with the length of the flight and lack of room to run around.

The person also shared that it was the service dog’s first flight, so his owner asked if it would be okay for the dog – whose name was Henry – to sit in the middle seat and spread out.

11. An Unlikely Passenger

Topping off our list is someone you’re not likely to see in the air. It may be fun and exciting to see a dog on a plane but it’s not exactly uncommon. It is definitely more uncommon to see a cute, little penguin on a flight. Apparently, SeaWorld led a show and tell on a Southwest Airlines flight with this little guy.