2-Year-Old Approaches Baby Gorilla, But When He Gets Too Close Gorilla Does Something Unexpected

Two-year-old Isaiah plays with a baby gorilla named Kamoli at the Columbus Zoo.

It’s no secret that apes and humans have a lot in common. The intelligent creatures may be much hairier and a bit more primitive than humans, but the similarities are often shocking when we sit back and think about it.

One family realized just how similar we can be to these amazing creatures when they came across a gorilla exhibit while visiting the Columbus Zoo in Ohio one day. The family took their children on a fun outing to go see the animals, but they didn’t realize that their young son would find as much enjoyment as he did.

A video was taken of little two-year-old Isaiah as he made friends with a young gorilla. The baby gorilla, named Kamoli, was just sitting in the grass by the exhibit’s glass window when Isaiah decided to get a closer look.

The two-year-old boy climbed a onto the rocks that hold up the exhibit’s window in order to get on Kamoli’s level. When Kamoli sees him climb up there, the young gorilla runs to the other side of a tree that separates the glass in half.

With a little encouragement from his parents, Isaiah runs to the other side of the tree as well. When Kamoli sees Isaiah run over, the baby gorilla runs back to the other side. The two play like this for a while, running back and forth in a peek-a-boo type of game on opposite sides of the glass.

It’s truly heartwarming to see such different beings playing together so well. It’s not hard to tell from the video that Isaiah was having the time of his life, running back and forth with Kamoli. The two-year-old boy laughs and screams in enjoyment of his new gorilla friend.

While Isaiah and Kamoli play, the pair’s respective parents watch in the background. It’s obvious that no one had any desire to break up Isaiah and Kamoli’s cute little playdate.

The hilarious little game finally comes to an end when Kamoli sits back down in the grass where the game started. Isaiah climbs back up on the rocks and bids a cute farewell to his new gorilla friend.

The video of Isaiah and Kamoli’s playdate has been uploaded to YouTube where it has gained millions of views. People are also leaving comments about how cute and special the playdate was. One person commented, “This put a smile on my face. So heartwarming.”

Another person shares, “What’s so incredible is the gorilla initiated not the boy. This shows you the intelligence level and that our idea of fun is not unique.” It truly is an amazing sight to see.

Watch the video below to watch Isaiah and Kamoli’s playdate.

All images credit to TheColumbusDispatch / YouTube.