6-Year-Old’s Heartwarming Letter to Santa Teaches Us All the True Meaning of Christmas

Six-year-old Chance asks Santa to give all of his Christmas presents to other children.

When little kids are asked what they want for Christmas, they usually have no problem spouting off a bunch of different toys, books, dolls, and games. They write letters to Santa asking for that one special toy that they’ve been waiting all year for.

However, one little boy had a much different plan for his Christmas wish list. When he was asked him to write a letter to Santa so he can get what he wants for Christmas, six-year-old Chance decided he didn’t need anything.

Instead of asking for toys, games, trading cards, or a new bike, Chance wanted all of his toys to go to other little girls and boys who needed them more. His letter to Santa asks that all of the toys he would have gotten be given to kids who don’t have as much.

After reading the letter, Chance’s mom took to Facebook to try and grant her generous son’s Christmas wish. She posted a photo of her son’s letter and tagged the Ellen DeGenerous show, hoping the celebrity could help make her son’s kindhearted dream come true.

The letter reads, “Dear Santa, please take all my toys to boys and girls who don’t have some. My toys are a lot and you can skip me. But not my sister, she will cry. Love, Chance.”

There aren’t many six-year-olds who realize that there are people who may be less fortunate than they are. This awareness sets Chance apart from the crowd. The little boy even tried to make it clear that this was his wish alone, urging Santa to still visit and bring gifts to his little sister who didn’t request for her gifts to be given away.

Apparently, Chance got the idea to donate all of his gifts when he learned that some of his classmates didn’t participate in the viral Elf on the Shelf Christmas tradition. Consequently, the little boy learned that some of his classmates don’t even receive presents on Christmas morning.

So, Chance, who believed that none of his friends – or other children – should have to go without the happiness that Christmas gifts have always brought him, decided to take it upon himself to even the scales. Rather than let other kids go without on Christmas, Chance took it up with Santa to make sure his presents go to others.

This kindhearted child is truly special. Thanks to Chance’s generosity, some little kids who would normally go without on Christmas will get to share in the simple joy that comes from opening gifts on Christmas morning.

All images credit to Elizabeth Teckenbrock / Facebook.