Couple Undergoes Amazing Transformation Together & Loses a Total of About 400lbs

Lexi Reed and her husband Danny lost about 400 pounds combined without surgery.

Lexi Reed and her husband Danny are a force to be reckoned with. We always hear stories about how people fall in love, get married, and then let themselves go. Gaining weight is definitely not unusual for married couples.

However, when Lexi and Danny realized they had gained much more weight than they were happy with, they decided to do something about it. They were determined to not be another couple who just loses themselves in marriage.

The couple from Terre Haute, Indiana got married in October of 2015. They both tipped the scales at very unhealthy weights. 26-year-old Lexi weighed a whopping 485 pounds while her husband, Danny, weighed 280 pounds.

A few months after they got married, Lexi and Danny decided to start their weight loss journey together. It was a sort of New Year’s resolution for the couple to lose weight. Weight loss resolutions are not at all uncommon during the New Year. Unfortunately, many people can’t stick to a healthy weight loss plan, so they don’t end up feeling accomplished.

Lexi and Danny were different. Before beginning their weight loss journey, the couple would eat about 8,000 calories every day between the both of them. So, their weight loss plan started with a strict diet and calorie restrictions. The couple also committed to working out regularly.

Lexi began sharing the couple’s weight loss journey on Instagram. It didn’t take long before she started gaining thousands of followers who all wanted to watch the couple’s progress. On one Instagram post, Lexi shares, “We were fed up with spending our nights sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix and mindlessly eating.”

She goes on to explain that the couple’s best friend had challenged them to 30 days of no eating out, no unhealthy drinks, and no cheat meals. She also challenged the couple to work out for 30 minutes five times a week during those 30 days. Lexi explains that she and Danny committed to the challenge 100%.

After the month was over, they realized that this wasn’t just a challenge; this was a new, healthier lifestyle. Lexi shares, “We realized it wasn’t a diet, but a lifestyle change. We focused on small changes and they added up to big results. We focused on each day instead of how far we had to go.”

The young woman explained that in order to feel like they weren’t being deprived, the couple took their favorite foods and created healthier versions. They also meal prepped and learned how to read daily nutrition labels.

Together, the couple has lost 394 pounds since they began their weight loss journey in January 2016. However, it’s not just about the weight for Lexi and Danny. Lexi explains that it was mainly about finding themselves and becoming stronger.

She shares, “We also fell in love with taking care of ourselves and our new life together. This journey helped bring us closer together and stronger than ever.”

All images credit to fatgirlfedup / Instagram.