Doctors Tell 420-Pound Kid She’s Dying, So She Loses Over 300 Lbs Without Surgery

Jessica Leonard was dubbed the heaviest child in the world after she reached 420 pounds.

The United States has been facing a pretty big health problem within the past twenty years. According to a 2014 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over one-third of American adults were obese.

While circumstances are different for every person, many of these adults start having problems with their weight in childhood. Jessica Leonard was no exception to this.

The young girl from Knoxville, Tennessee was named the heaviest child in the world after she reached 420 pounds.

Jessica would obsessively eat throughout the day, causing her to gain more and more weight. Jessica’s mother, Carolyn Leonard, shared that her young daughter liked to eat every two hours. So, she would consistently keep their fridge and cupboards stocked with all of the foods Jessica liked.

Carolyn explained that if Jessica didn’t get the foods she wanted, she would throw a tantrum and become impossible to deal with.

Unfortunately, Jessica’s eating habits took quite a toll on her body. Eventually, her legs couldn’t even support the young girl’s huge frame. Consequently, Jessica had to roll on the floor to get around. Jessica couldn’t even attend school because she was unable to move properly.

The situation went from bad to worse when Jessica started having trouble breathing. She was ultimately rushed to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital in critical condition. It was clear that Jessica’s weight had put her life in severe danger.

Carolyn admitted, “You know, all parents make mistakes. There’s no perfect parent. But I made mistakes that could cost my child her life and I have major guilt.”

After being rushed to the hospital, child protective services got involved. Young Jessica was ordered to be transferred to an obesity clinic in Virginia. At the clinic, Jessica was forced to stay on a strict diet and exercise routine.

Jessica was able to lose a whopping 320 pounds during her time at the clinic! Her transformation is incredible and she did it all without any weight loss surgery. However, the young girl would need surgery to remove the excess skin she was left with after all the weight she lost.

Jessica’s mother was ordered to take parenting classes so that she’d be able to take better care of Jessica after the weight loss. She keeps a close eye on Jessica and does very well holding the child back from all of the snacking. Instead of stocking the fridge full of unhealthy snacks, Carolyn only buys low calorie foods.

Carolyn explains that she’s very proud of her daughter for turning her life around. Now, the family is able to live happily and healthily. Jessica’s life would no longer be in danger because of her weight.

All screenshots taken from tubeseantube / YouTube.