Everyone Assumed this Dog was Grieving for Its Dead Owner Until They Took a Closer Look

This dog was hiding something inside the grave rather than grieving for a deceased owner.

We hear sad stories all the time about dogs sleeping on their deceased owners’ graves or holding onto a passed owner’s slippers and getting defensive when someone tries to take them away.

Dogs form such strong bonds with their owners. That’s why they’re known as man’s best friend. So, it’s not surprising that dogs still hold onto that attachment when their owners pass away.

That lingering attachment is the exact reason why these passersby thought a dog who had been laying in a hollowed out hole over a person’s grave was just grieving for her owner. The dog had dug quite a large hole into the grave and proceeded to lay and sleep in the hole.

However, as people took a closer look at the dog, they noticed something wasn’t right. The dog wouldn’t just lay in the hole, but she would also get incredibly defensive if anyone tried to get too close to it. So, people who tried to pull the dog away and comfort her were unsuccessful.

The cemetery workers knew something was going on with this dog. So, they tried their best to get close to the dog and win her trust. After a while, the dog allowed the workers to get close enough for them to make an incredible discovery.

The dog wasn’t laying in the hole because she was grieving for her owner. She was actually hiding something in the hole.

It turns out that the dog was actually a stray who had no connection to the deceased person or the grave. She just happened to be pregnant and homeless, so she needed to find a safe, warm place to give birth to her puppies when the time came.

The pregnant dog chose the grave and dug a hole in the ground there to give birth, knowing that the hole would provide protection and the dirt would provide warmth. There, she had given birth to the four puppies she was protecting.

The cemetery workers and a few friendly passersby knew the stray dogs couldn’t stay there. They needed a safer and comfier place to take shelter. So, they started feeding the mother dog until they had won enough of her trust to be able to move her puppies.

The stay dog and her puppies were eventually moved to a clean, calm shelter. They were also examined by a veterinarian who helped bring them back up to healthier states. Things are now going very well for this mother and her tiny pups.

All images credit to twentytwowords.com.