Grumpy Old Man is Furious When Loud Family Moves in Next-Door Until He Sees Struggling Mom

A Farmer's Department Store ad shows one neighbor's kindness and generosity.

It wouldn’t be surprising if everyone reading this has dealt with a difficult neighbor at some point in their life. Whether that neighbor was rude, loud, reclusive, or just strange, living next to someone who clashes with our own lifestyles can get hard.

One Farmer’s Department Store ad really delves down into those clashing neighbor relationships. The ad was created to draw people to Farmer’s products. However, it actually does much more than that. The Farmer’s Department Store ad actually makes its audience feel warm and fuzzy after witnessing unlikely generosity.

The ad starts with a young family moving in next door to what seems to be a grumpy old man. The elderly man is startled awake from a peaceful nap by the noisy new family. He peers out the window angrily at the family. The parents are unloading a huge moving truck while the little kids run around shouting.

It appears that the old man isn’t going to like living next to this new family very much. The video continues to show the old man peering over his fence at the noisy, hyperactive kids.

But then something interesting happens. The man hears the young mother scolding one of her children after he breaks her coffee pot. After sending the child inside, the mom drops down in frustration and sadness next to her broken coffee maker.

The old man then sets off to make the mom’s day. He goes to buy a new coffee maker for her. However, instead of just giving the coffee pot to the woman as a gift, the elderly man adds some dust to make it look as if he had been using it all along.

He then makes a show about throwing the “old” coffee pot away but notices the mom looking at him. So, he gives her the coffee pot. She’s obviously unaware that the whole thing was a plot, but her young son looks at the old man suspiciously.

The son later notices the man gifting a fan to the family. He uses the same type of facade for the fan, pretending that it’s actually an old fan that he has no use for anymore. The son has definitely caught on to the man’s life as a Secret Santa.

So, another night, the boy leaves a gift for the man. He leaves the gift on the old man’s porch, rings the doorbell, and runs. When the old man opens the door, he’s met with milk and cookies. It’s a heartwarming show of thanks to one unexpected Secret Santa.

Watch the video below to see the touching holiday ad play out for yourself.