Homeless Man Gives Woman His Last $20 and She Comes Back With a Huge Surprise

Kate McClure set up a GoFundMe fundraiser for a homeless man who helped her when she ran out of gas one night.

Kate McClure, a young woman from Bordentown, NJ, was driving down the interstate into Philadelphia one night when her car ran out of gas. Her gas light had been on for quite some time, but McClure thought she would be able to make it all the way down the highway regardless. Of course, she had been wrong.

She explains, “I never ran out of gas before, and my heart was beating out of my chest.” The woman pulled her car over on the side of the interstate as far as she could and was about to get out of her car to walk to the closest gas station when a man walked up to her.

The man’s name was Johnny Bobbitt, a Marine Corps veteran who was currently homeless. He sits on the side of the very interstate McClure had been driving down everyday with a sign asking for a little bit of help.

Johnny asked McClure what was wrong, but after she told him that she needed to go get gas, he told her to get back into her car and lock all of the doors. He knew the area wasn’t safe for the young woman to walk around in alone at night.

A few minutes later, Johnny came back to McClure’s car with a red can of gas for the woman. Kate McClure was blown away. Johnny had walked to the gas station for her and used his last $20 bill in order to help the woman. It was such a generous and selfless act from a man who truly has very little to give.

McClure admits that she had no cash on her, so she couldn’t repay the man at that moment. But Johnny also didn’t even ask her for anything in return.

Kate McClure later returned multiple times to the spot that Johnny sits at in order to repay him. She would bring him cash, gloves, and warm clothes each time she visited. However, McClure wished she could do much more for the man who had so selflessly helped her. So, she set up a fundraiser on GoFundMe, hoping the world might also want to help the man.

McClure’s original goal was to try and raise $10,000 for Johnny. But the Internet world had other plans. Everyone was blown away by McClure’s story of Johnny. They all wanted to help the kind man. In just 16 days, McClure’s fundraiser has reached over $380,000, far surpassing that $10,000 goal.

With help from a lawyer and a financial advisor, Johnny is going to put all of the money to good use. He plans to use the money to buy himself a home and a car. He’ll then put the rest away smartly in various trusts and bank accounts to save for the future. He also plans to get a job now that he’s able to get back on his feet.

And lastly, Johnny is going to use a portion of the money to donate to a few organizations and people who have helped him in his time of need. While the world is trying to help Johnny, he’s still very much interested in giving back and helping others. It seems that the man’s selflessness and generosity knows no bounds.