Little Girl Plays for Street Musician, Moments Later Everyone is in Awe

A flashmob-style concert starts with a little girl who plays Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" to a street musician.

One ordinary day in Nuremberg, Germany turned out to be much more powerful and musical than any of the passersby could have ever imagined.

The day started with a sharply-dressed street musician standing with his double bass in the courtyard outside a church in Nuremberg, Germany. People are passing by but not really paying much attention.

Then, a little girl walks up to the street musician with her recorder and starts to play the opening cords of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” The man watches the little girl, lets her finish playing her notes, and then takes his turn. He slides his bow to play the next few measures of the song as the little girl waits.

By this time, a few people had gathered around to watch the exchange between the bassist and the little girl. The girl takes one more turn, completing the man’s measures, and then he proceeds with the rest of the song. He plays alone at first, but then the camera catches someone walking up with a cello.

The cellist takes a seat next to the man and joins in on the chords. Then, in true flashmob style, other musicians start joining in on the song one by one. All the while, the little girl stands by watching with her little recorder.

As the other musicians start joining in on the mini concert, more and more people gather around to witness the beautiful sound. A mother rocks her baby along to the sound, couples abandon their conversations to hear the music, and families stop in their tracks to get a better look.

Eventually the string instruments that make up the bulk of this street orchestra are joined by a few woodwinds, percussionists, and brass instruments. It’s now clear to everyone who gathered to watch that the orchestra knows what they’re doing. They flow through the crescendos with cohesive ease, causing a huge crowd to fill the streets.

One man even walks up to the front and center to conduct the whole thing just as random people from the crowd belt out in song, clearly making up a not-so-spontaneous choir.

Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” rings loudly through the courtyard in its full-blown glory, choir and all, as the crowd stands around speechless. One young boy even stops and removes his headphones, clearly more interested in the classic beauty of the orchestra than his own music.

What started out as a simple street musician with his bass and a little girl with her recorder turned out to be a beautiful, magical concert in the middle of the street, bringing all sorts of different people together to enjoy the show. This incredible take on a flashmob really shows that music is a universal language that is meant to be enjoyed by all.

Watch the video below to hear the beautiful concert for yourself.

All screenshots taken from Ray Nittolo / YouTube.