Little Girl Sings Elvis Classic But When Her Brother Joins In It Suddenly Turns Into A Beautiful Mash-up

Kenny Holland and his younger sister, Capri, sing a mashup of "Can't Help Falling In Love" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

A sibling relationship can be one of the strongest bonds in the world. We grow up with our siblings, sharing experiences, hobbies, and even our DNA. Much of the time, their siblings are people’s best friends.

This brother and sister duo are a great example of how powerful a sibling relationship can be. Kenny Holland and his sister, Capri, have a few years between them, but it’s evident that the two are close.

Kenny and Capri both have a strong love for music and singing. It’s one of the ways the pair expresses themselves. Fortunately, they both seem to be quite talented in their musical hobbies as well.

The brother and sister duo created quite an amazing mashup with one of Elvis’s most popular songs, recorded a video of themselves performing it, and proceeded to put the Internet in tears with their talent. The musical masterpiece is a mashup of Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and another classic song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Kenny Holland’s fingers begin to play soft, calming piano notes as his sister, Capri, sings the opening lines of Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” She may be young, but Capri’s voice is already sweet and amazing. After the first line, Kenny joins his sister in singing the rest of the verse.

Together, the pair’s voices echo through the speakers with effortless beauty. Regardless of the years between them, Kenny and Capri’s voices match together in perfect harmony almost as if they were made to echo together.

After those opening lines, the duo transitions into the timeless classic, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” While the two songs are vastly different, the way the brother and sister sing allows them to fit together as if they were matching puzzle pieces.

After a few lines of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” Kenny and Capri finish the verse’s last line with words from “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” thus bringing the mashup back to Elvis.

The next portion of the mashup is comprised of Kenny singing the lyrics to “Can’t Help Falling In Love” while Capri continues to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Kenny also introduces a deeper beat to the song to add some percussion and dimension.

The pair finishes the touching mashup with a sweet hug, showing off their love for each other. People are loving Kenny and Capri’s beautiful mashup. One Facebook user even commented, “Very beautiful! They harmonize just fantastic together. I hope they continue to sing together. I would definitely buy their music.”

Well, it turns out that that particular fan is in luck because Kenny Holland is actually a recording artist now! No matter how many songs he records, however, this mashup with his younger sister will remain a favorite for all who have heard it.

Watch the video below to hear Kenny and Capri’s whole mashup.

All images credit to Kenny Holland / YouTube unless otherwise stated.