Mom Gives Birth to Black and White Twins but Gets an Even Bigger Surprise 7 Years Later

A biracial couple gives birth to two sets of biracial twins seven years apart.

Alison Spooner and Dean Durrant might seem like an ordinary couple on the surface, but their genes tell otherwise. The duo are a biracial couple from the UK with two sets of miracle twins.

Alison is white with blue eyes and red hair, while her partner, Dean, is of West Indian origin. He has much darker skin, hair, and eyes.

When the couple found out they were expecting twins, they assumed the babies would resemble a mixture of both parents’ features. However, when Alison gave birth to the twin girls in 2001, the couple was shocked to see what they babies looked like.

One of the twins, Lauren, had inherited her mother’s light skin, blue eyes, and red hair. Lauren’s twin sister, Hayleigh, on the other hand, was gifted her her father’s dark skin and features.

The girls’ parents and family were blown away by the way Alison and Dean’s genes were distributed. The phenomenon is extremely rare, but it is not unheard of. Lauren and Hayleigh are not the first set of twins to be born this way from biracial parents.

As is the case with any set of fraternal twins, Alison had two separate eggs that were fertilized at the same time, which results in non-identical twins. However, because Lauren and Hayleigh’s parents are of two races with drastically different physical features, the distribution of genes becomes more interesting.

After the same thing happened to another set of twins born to another biracial couple, one geneticist explained that the odds of twins being born biracial is about 1 in 500.

Seven years after their biracial twins were born, Alison and Dean found themselves pregnant again. Alison was ecstatic. After finding out she was pregnant, Alison soon discovered that she and her husband would be part of small odds again, as the couple was going to have another set of twins!

According to a twins statistics website, the odds of a woman becoming pregnant with a second set of fraternal twins is 1 in 3000. It seems that Alison and Dean have a knack for beating the odds. Their friends even wanted to take bets over whether or not the couple would give birth to another set of biracial twins.

It appears that bets would have been a good idea because that’s exactly what happened. Alison was induced at 37 weeks when doctors found that her twins were in the breech position. The babies had to be delivered right away. Moments after the babies were born, they had to be rushed to a special care unit because there was a problem with their breathing.

The couple admits that they didn’t realize these new twins were biracial like their older sisters because they didn’t get a chance to see the girls together until days after they were born. But when the parents finally got to see their baby girls next to each other, they knew they had another miracle set of twins.

Seven years after Lauren and Hayleigh were born, Alison and Dean were gifted with another set of biracial twins. Little Leah has inherited her mother’s light skin and features, while her twin, Miya, was born with her father’s darker features, just like Lauren and Hayleigh.

The twins’ father, Dean, along with the rest of the world admits that the couple was gifted with a very rare and special family.

Watch the video below to hear Alison and Dean’s take on their amazing family.