Mom Takes Off Makeup for 1st Time in Over 50 Yrs & Shows Everyone the Real Face She’s Been Hiding

Christopher Hopkins convinces his mother to take off her makeup in front of other people for the first time in over 50 years.

Makeup plays a pretty big role in our daily lives. From beauty gurus with millions of followers on YouTube to celebrities coming out with their own makeup lines, makeup is everywhere nowadays.

Some women are into the “no-makeup makeup look” while others prefer to go for a full glam everyday. Joann Hopkins, a 77-year-old makeup lover, falls somewhere in-between. While she doesn’t go over the top with her makeup application, she still doesn’t go anywhere without it.

Christopher Hopkins is the only person to have seen his mother without any makeup on. The man, who owns his own beauty salons and has written a book on beauty, grew to love makeup when he was a little boy. He would sit and watch his mother apply her makeup and then he would go practice what he learned on dolls.

The man has made it his mission to help women feel beautiful inside and out. He wants to help them express how they feel on the inside on the outside too. He even has a book, “Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival For Women Over 45,” devoted to that very mission.

One of his targets was his own mother. Christopher explains that his mother never lets anyone see her without her makeup. He shares, “She’s always said she’d rather answer the door without her clothes than without her makeup.”

Christopher also admits that he thinks his mother is beautiful with or without makeup. But he explains that she just isn’t “who she is” without it.

Joann agreed to sit in front of the camera without her makeup or her wig and let her son record as she puts her makeup on. As she takes off her makeup, she explains to the camera, “Painful! I don’t do this for anybody. If I didn’t love this boy so much, I wouldn’t do it.”

Joann explains that not only does she keep her makeup on throughout her daily activities, but she also sleeps with it on. She shares that in over 40 years, her husband has probably only seen her without makeup once or twice and either time would have been a total accident.

The video then proceeds to show Joann reapplying her makeup. She goes through foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, curling her eyelashes, and drawing on her eyebrows. After her makeup is back on, the woman shares, “I feel more like me again – more like I feel inside.”

While makeup isn’t for everyone, Joann explains that it helps her feel better. She likes her outer appearance to match how she feels inside. She also shares that the makeup helps her feel younger, more vital, and more productive.

The video shows how just a few simple steps can help one woman feel like herself, and that’s exactly what Christopher has set out to help women do. Regardless, it appears that Christopher is right about his mother; Joann Hopkins looks beautiful both with and without makeup.

Watch the video below to see Joann Hopkins’s makeover.

All screenshots taken from MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis / YouTube.