Pit Bull Gives Birth to 10 Puppies And Then The Unforgivable Happens

Sacramento SPCA staff found a mother pit bull and her 10 newborn puppies abandoned on their doorstep.

When the staff for the Sacramento SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) showed up to work one morning, they were met with a huge surprise. Sitting on their doorstep was a mother pit bull and her 10 newborn puppies.

The Sacramento SPCA staff believed the pit bulls must have been left there overnight by someone. The mother dog was not tied to anything, so she had been free to roam around if she so pleased. She even could have abandoned her puppies, just as her previous owner had abandoned her.

However, the mama dog did no such thing. She stayed with her new babies throughout the night, dutifully fulfilling her motherly duties with pure love.

The Sacramento SPCA staff were shocked to find the mom and her puppies, but they definitely weren’t going to turn them away. So, they moved to get the pit bull family inside and started working to find them a home.

The staff discovered that the mother pit bull was still bleeding from the birth but it wasn’t a large amount of blood. So, they figured she must have given birth some place else and was then dropped off on the Sacramento SPCA doorstep with her puppies. She had barely had any time to transition to motherhood before being abandoned with her pups.

Unfortunately, the Sacramento SPCA staff was met with quite a dilemma. They had to find a home that would take in all eleven dogs, as separating the puppies from their mother at such a young age would be detrimental to their health and personalities.

Luckily, one foster parent stepped up to the task. He took in the pit bull family, determined to love and care for them for two months until the puppies were old enough to be re-homed.

Despite being abandoned, the Sacramento SPCA employees and the dogs’ foster parent found the mama pit bull to be very sweet and loving. She still trusted humans and even allowed the staff to handle her babies without any protest or worry.

Her foster parent posts photos of the pit bull and her 10 puppies on social media, updating everyone on their health and growth. He seems to feel just as lucky to have found the pit bull family as they are to have found him.

We can only hope that these eleven pit bulls eventually end up in happy, loving homes and will never have to wait for help on a doorstep again.

All images credit to weloveanimals.me.