She Gives Birth to Baby Boy with Crazy Hair, Then Discovers the Alarming Truth

Junior Cox-Noon was born with a huge bush of fluffy hair, which caused problems for his mother during pregnancy.

If anyone knows what hair goals is, it’s little Junior Cox-Noon. Junior was born at Brighton General Hospital on July 30. The baby weighed a whole 10 pounds according to his mother, Chelsea Noon.

Junior isn’t your average baby, however. He was born with a beautiful bush of fluffy baby hair. His mother shares that she didn’t realize just how much hair her new baby had until he took his first bath. Junior’s hair can make even the biggest YouTube hair gurus jealous.

Chelsea Noon admits that all the midwives and nurses told her that Junior’s hair would fall out after a while, as it does with all babies, because babies unintentionally rub their heads on whatever they’re laying on. Despite the information, Junior’s mother claims that the baby hasn’t lost any of his hair.

Noon explains that she actually has to blow dry her baby’s hair, otherwise it would take too long to air dry and might cause the little guy to get sick if he went outside with wet hair.

Because of his long, fluffy locks, Junior has earned the nickname “Baby Bear.” People also love to comment on the baby’s hair everywhere he goes.

Noon admits that her visits to the grocery store have extended from 40 minutes to almost two hours now because people always stop her to ask about her child’s amazing hair. Noon shares that strangers always do a double-take when they see Junior. They exclaim about his hair and then come over to touch it.

Junior seems to like all of the attention. His mother explains, “He doesn’t seem to mind and gets a little a smirk on his face.”

Noon also shares that she can’t bear the idea of cutting Junior’s hair. She admits that people always ask her if she’s going to cut it, but she explains to them that it’s just too unique to cut. What’s interesting is that Noon’s other children weren’t born with the same amount of hair as Junior. The baby really is unique.

However, Junior’s unique hair wasn’t always a means of happiness and excitement. Noon shares that she suffered incredibly severe heartburn while pregnant with the baby.

According to a study from Johns Hopkins University, researches discovered that fetal hair growth is actually linked to a mother’s heartburn. According to the study, the more hair a baby has during the pregnancy, the higher the risk and severity of a mother’s heartburn.

Junior’s hair is an attention grabbing, conversation starting topic now, but it came at the cost of severe, uncomfortable heartburn for his mother. Fortunately, Chelsea Noon is completely fine and comfortable now since Junior has been born.

Noon also shares that her labor with Junior was horrible. She explains that the baby ended up getting stuck, causing Noon to lose a liter of blood. She explains that the baby’s heavy weight is likely what caused the traumatic experience.

That’s it for Chelsea Noon as far as babies go. Junior is her last one. The mother explains, “I’m not having another one – it would probably be a 12-pounder.” So, it looks like Junior and his luxurious hair will be the biggest topic of conversation in the Noon family for a while!

All images credit to JuniorCoxNoon / Facebook unless otherwise stated.