Teen Spends Life Hiding Her Body, Then She Wears Her First Bikini In 10 Years

Find out here why one teen has been hiding her body for more than a decade. The teen just recently appeared for the first time in a bikini and isn't afraid to show her body anymore!

Not everyone is comfortable in the skin they live in. Some people are ashamed of their body because they don’t look like bodies of starlets, TV presenters, singers, actors, and other celebrities. Our society has been bombarded with how they should look and behave like through media, movies, songs, and advertisements.

That’s why we have so many people who suffer from eating disorders. Such people believe their unhealthy eating habits will make them have the ideal body. The saddest thing about the whole ideal body hype is that millions of teens suffer from anorexia, body dysmorphism, and other eating disorders so they could be perfect.

This is something a young woman called Kay Ska experienced. She suffered since her teenage years from eating disorders and body dysmorphism. However, everything changed one day when she wore a bikini for the first time in 10 years.

Today, Kay proudly shows off her body and sends the message of body positivity!

Kay Ska suffered from body dysmorphism and several eating disorders that ruined her teenage years. Unlike other teen girls who exposed their bodies proudly, Kay was always wearing clothes that covered her whole body.

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However, Kay world turned upside down this summer when she wore a bikini for the first time in 10 years. She was so embarrassed by her body before that she didn’t want to wear a bikini! Here’s a photo of Kay for the first time in a bikini:

Instagram/Kay Ska

She felt so comfortable in a bikini that she bought several bikinis the same day she wore a bikini for the first time!

Instagram/ Kay Ska

Today, Kay spreads the message of body positivity through her Instagram profile and MH Stories :

Instagram/ Kay Ska

Kayla sent this powerful message to all people who strive to be perfect:


“Trying bikinis on or generally new clothes still gives me a little bit of anxiety.

However, we have to remember that we are soooooooooo much more than our clothing sizes. And appreciate our bodies for what they are, a home for our wonderful souls! A vehicle, that support us, every single day! It works for US!

But it desperately needs our love, nourishment, our attention!

Rather than giving in to the crazy diet culture this summer, appreciate your body for what it is, right now!”

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