Teenage Girl was Bullied for Her “Thunder Thighs” – 3 Years Later, She’s Unrecognizable

Meghan Gilbert completely turned her life around and silenced the haters when she started working out and taking care of herself.

Some people gradually just start going to the gym, eating better, and changing their lives. They don’t even really notice a difference until they look back at old photos and see that comparison.

Others, however, take a huge step into action and actively make that decision to turn their lives around. Meghan Gilbert, a 21-year-old girl from Dallas, Texas, is one of those people.

Meghan had struggled with her weight all her life but hadn’t really done anything major to make a difference. On top of how she felt about herself, her peers would also bully her constantly, calling her names like “thunder thighs” and taunting her about being too heavy.

Hoping to take a break from it all, Meghan went on a cruise. She should have been able to just enjoy herself like everyone else on the ship, but she instead found herself disgusted and frustrated with herself because she was constantly visiting the all-you-can-eat buffet.

That frustration only saddened Meghan and caused her to put on more weight. She also started to develop mental heath issues, such as anxiety and depression, because of it. On top of that, the bullying didn’t stop; it just fueled her mental struggle.

Meghan started making bad choices, consuming things that could really negatively affect her life. She didn’t want to remember how upset she was with herself. Instead, she just wanted to numb it all. After a particularly scary near-death experience, Meghan knew she had to make a change.

She couldn’t stand to live her life that unhealthily anymore. She explains that she started to force herself to love life, the gym, and herself until she actually, truly felt those feelings.

Meghan started working out consistently, taking care of her physical state and also working to boost her mental state. Soon, she no longer resembled the sad, overweight teenager who would constantly get put down by herself and others.

She now has over two years sober and looks better than ever. She started gaining a following on social media by sharing her story along with progress pictures of her fitness journey.

Meghan explained her view on working out in an Instagram post by comparing it to general life struggles. She shares, “You build muscle by tearing it down… Same thing goes in life. You gain strength through hardship.”

On one particular Instagram post, Meghan explained the differences between herself now and when she was overweight and depressed. She shares, “The biggest difference that I see between these two photos is the amount of self love and confidence that I truly had.”

Meghan uses the majority of her other Instagram posts to explain her own motivational factors in hopes that she can help motivate others to keep going. She feels very deeply about self love and happiness and wants her followers to feel the same.

The overweight, depressed, and hurting teenage girl is no longer there anymore. In her place stands a beautiful, confident, and happy young woman who is ready and willing to motivate others to follow down the same path.

All images credit to megsmotivationn / Instagram.