Woman Adopts Young Boy Who Can’t Find a Home, 27 Years Later Boy Gives Her a Life-Saving Gift

When his adoptive mother becomes very sick, this foster child saves her life.

Ingeborg McIntosh is an Arizona foster mom who has devoted her life to caring for those others could not provide for. Throughout her time as a foster parent, McIntosh has cared for over 120 different foster children.

While she gave the best care she possibly could to each of the foster children, there was one little boy, Jordan, who completely stole the woman’s heart. McIntosh shares that it was practically love at first sight when Jordan was placed into her arms.

McIntosh fought for four years for the ability to permanently adopt Jordan. However, Jordan was a biracial child and McIntosh’s house was all Caucasian, so the court and social workers did not deem the woman a good fit for the child.

But McIntosh was not going to give up. She fought long and hard for Jordan, knowing that he belonged with her. After four years of fighting for the child, the adoption was finalized and Jordan officially became McIntosh’s son.

Jordan is now an adult and he admits that Ingeborg McIntosh gave him the best and most loving life possible. He’s so grateful to have ended up in the woman’s care.

Despite their happy mother-son union, not everything in the McIntosh household was made for a fairytale ending. McIntosh fell ill and was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. The woman needed a kidney transplant as soon as possible in order to save her own life.

Without McIntosh knowing, Jordan went to get tested to see if he was a donor match for McIntosh. It turns out that the man was in fact a match. So, he gave the happy news to his mother that he would be giving her a new kidney.

McIntosh was blown away. She admits that she told her son he could back out at any time if he wanted to. But Jordan would do no such thing. He explains that his mother gave him so much and giving her a new kidney was the least he could do to return the favor. The man just wanted to do something to show McIntosh how much he appreciates her.

The surgery went very well and both McIntosh and her son came out healthy and happy. On a GoFundMe fundraiser profile created to raise money for medical bills, Jordan explains, “It was not necessarily a Mothers Day gift, but it was the best gift I was able to give my mother.”