Woman’s Baby Bump Was So Huge Doctors Thought It Was Twins, But They Were Very Wrong

Danielle Thrasher and Joseph Odom were told they were pregnancy with twins but the doctors were wrong.

Danielle Thrasher and her partner, Joseph Odom, had been together for quite a while. So, they thought it was time to take their relationship to the next level.

The couple had been saving up for their wedding but didn’t quite get there when they decided that they should start trying to have a baby. Danielle knew she was meant to be a mother and she didn’t want to wait too much longer.

She had been going to school full-time while working a job in childcare. Danielle was following her dreams in every other aspect of her life, so why not fulfill her dreams of becoming a mother? Her boyfriend, Joseph, agreed that they were ready to have a child and hoped the baby would complete their happy little family.

However, the couple did not expect for the process to be so difficult. Danielle and Joseph tried for almost two years but couldn’t get pregnant. Danielle was afraid that maybe she had been wrong and she was not meant to be a mother after all. But Joseph wouldn’t let her give up.

Finally, after years of trying, the couple got the news that they were expecting a baby. Danielle and Joseph were ecstatic. Danielle shared, “We were so excited after seeing that little plus sign after all the negative ones we’ve suffered through.” It didn’t take long before Danielle and Joseph’s happy news became even happier.

Danielle started experiencing some abdominal pain about six weeks into her pregnancy, so doctors performed an emergency ultrasound. It was then that the ultrasound technician revealed to Danielle that she was pregnant with twins. The couple was completely elated. They had tried for so long to have one baby and now they were going to be blessed with two.

However, as happy as multiple births can be, they’re also a lot riskier than a single birth. On top of that, Danielle was over the healthy weight for carrying a child. So, doctors told the couple to return for another checkup in just one week.

At that next appointment, the doctors discovered that they had been wrong about Danielle’s twins. The woman wasn’t actually carrying twins; she was carrying triplets!

The couple took the news hard. They didn’t know how they were going to be able to care for three babies at the same time. It took them a few weeks to process the information. However, Danielle shares that after weeks of praying and talking the news over, the couple was feeling as confident as ever to care for those babies.

Three months into the pregnancy, the couple got an even bigger surprise. During a routine ultrasound, the technician turned to Danielle and told her that she was actually carrying four babies. Danielle was shocked. She questioned how she could handle four babies but Joseph reassured her right away that they could do it.

However, the doctors had some bad news. They told Danielle that the pregnancy would be incredibly risky and that her babies would only have about a 40% chance of survival. They offered her a selective reduction to reduce the pregnancy back down to twins.

Danielle was devastated. Yes, she was shocked to be carrying four babies, but she could not imagine giving one of them up. So, she ultimately turned down the offer and chose to carry all four babies through to the end. Danielle admits, “The nurse questioned me several times and I didn’t back down.”

Fortunately, Danielle’s pregnancy went very well. She delivered all four babies – all girls – on August 17th, 2017. Danielle is very grateful to have stayed strong for her children when she was faced with that hard decision and is asking for people’s support on her GoFundMe account.